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The CACI (Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument) is the result of 20 years’ research by the acknowledged pioneer of microcurrent therapy, Dr Thomas Wing.

CACI re-educates the muscles of the face & body, having a toning and lifting effect even visible after the first treatment. CACI Electo-Cellulite massager has long been established as one of the most effective means of treating cellulite.
A treatment course of 10-12 treatments is advisable over a few weeks to start to see results.


CACI - Face
Single Treatment / Maintenance

 (1hr)  £52.00 

Jowl Lift
The CACI Jowl Lift uses Quad Probe applicators designed to double the lifting action, therefore enhancing results & reducing treatment time. This facial helps improve sagging jowls targeting the muscles around the jawline.

Jowl Lift Facial

 (30 mins)  £32.00

CACI Face inc Jowl Lift

 (1hr 20mins)  £73.00

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